BYOD & Open WiFi

The Shift To BYOD

The IT landscape has changed from businesses issuing managed devices to a mix of both business-provided and personally owned devices (bring your own device or “BYOD”). The shift to BYOD has been driven by the ubiquity of consumer electronics and businesses accommodating employee requests to use their personal devices for work. The bottom line for businesses has also improved from BYOD increasing employee productivity and reducing overhead costs to track and manage company-owned devices.

"Network administrators need a solution that can handle all devices—whether business-managed or personal."


The Need For Open Wi-Fi

In addition to BYOD deployments increasing, the way devices connect to the network is also in a state of transition from ethernet to wi-fi. With wireless connectivity a standard capability in laptops, cell phones, tablets and other devices, effectively deploying BYOD requires businesses to provide open wi-fi access for these personal devices.

For network administrators to support both BYOD and open wi-fi, they need a solution that can handle all devices–whether business-managed or personal–that connect to both the wired and wireless network.