Insider Threats


Can You Trust Your Employees and Business Partners?

With data breaches increasing each year, companies are investing in top-of-the-line security solutions to prevent hackers and outside attacks from gaining access to their networks. But what about the risk of an attack originating from within the company? Every industry is potentially vulnerable to these types of attacks from both employees and trusted third parties.

The Inside Threat

Identifying which employee, business associate or trusted third party can pose a threat can be extremely challenging when the risk can come from anyone: a current or former employee, contractor or business partner with access to the system, network or data. Disgruntled employees might seek revenge on the company that they perceived to have wronged them, or an undervalued worker might feel a sense of entitlement and sabotage the company.

With many ways to extract data or create backdoors into the systems, nothing is safe. An insider may have the ability to impact the confidentiality, integrity or availability of the company’s systems, networks or data. Solutions designed solely to prevent outside attacks cannot combat the risks coming from within the organization.